The thankQ CRM Advantage

Is it time to stop pouring money into a second-rate, stale solution? thankQ CRM, the leading fundraising CRM in the UK, is now available in the US. Join over 400 nonprofits who already benefit from the thankQ advantage.

Read the list below and see how your CRM compares.


1. Unlimited contacts & records: Your data base may grow, but your costs never will as a result. You won't be penalized for expanding your contact base.


2. Cloud-based software: The freshly designed interface is easy-to-use wherever you are, on your favorite device.

thankQ CRM | Cloud-based software for Nonprofits


3. Insights at your fingertips: Design and develop reports and data extractions quickly, easily, and efficiently, without customization.


4. In-app configuration: Make system-wide changes to enhance and modify thankQ CRM's functionality to suit your organization's unique needs.


5. Easy searching: A combination of powerful search tools means finding your contacts is easier than ever before.

 Woman using thankQ


6. Simple data inputs: Streamlined data input forms, reducing time spent inputting data individually or en masse.


7. Map view: Locate and engage supporters, donors, members, and more by plotting your contacts in map view.


8. Social media integration: Identify and engage with digital influencers in new ways by making the most of social media analytics.
thankQ CRM social media integrations

9. Bulk email integration: View emails, reads, click-throughs, and unsubscribes in an accessible environment, helping you to analyze your mass mailings.


10. User manual & help: Task-oriented assistance through a series of help files and videos explaining how to undertake a range of tasks.


11. Seamless transition: Our implementation partner, JCA, has been doing fundraising system implementations for almost 30 years, making your transition quick and painless.

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