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Stay ahead of the curve with the ability to analyze and identify key groups of alumni, donors, and supporters, uncovering trends and targeted sectors.

<span style="color: #000104">All the benefits of intuitive alumni management in one place</span>

All the benefits of intuitive alumni management in one place

thankQ CRM makes managing development and alumni relations as simple as possible for educational institutions. Get the power to sweep data from student records, build an online community, plan and run calling campaigns, and manage a full range of fundraising initiatives. You can also track all aspects of alumni involvement, from donations to volunteering, alongside detailed social media analysis.


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Key benefits for educational institutions

  • Follow the donor journey, from inquiry through to alumni reunions and volunteer mentoring, with alumni tracking software. 
  • Empower future marketing with segmentation across academic background, employment, and event histories.
  • Use the prospect management tools to nurture alumni relationships with high value donors.
  • Easily track calling activity with campaign design and execution management.
  • Save time capturing each year’s new student records with our import tools.


 <span style="color: #000104">Key benefits for educational institutions</span>

Detailed features at a glance

Alumni relationship management system for educational institutions looking to get closer with their students, donors, and alumni

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Executive Director, Institutional Advancement

“thankQ has allowed us to better use our time—we’re becoming much more efficient. thankQ helps us save time, staff resources, and money, allowing us to focus on strategically developing the fundraising and engagement activity of the College.”

Executive Director, Institutional Advancement - Scripps College