Fundraising Management

thankQ CRM is a cloud-based fundraising management software solution built on the latest technology. Hit the ground running with its intuitive and easy-to-learn CRM system so you’ll spend less time learning and more time doing.

<span style="color: #000104">Fully manage grant applications and reporting requirements</span>

Fully manage grant applications and reporting requirements

  • While all of the data is stored in thankQ CRM, user permissions control what each staff member can see.
  • Holds grant criteria for giving, decision, dates and reminders, as well as trustees and their interest areas.
  • Payment schedules and key reporting dates can be entered, ensuring that you never miss another deadline.

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Monitor and track your prospects

  • Prospect functionality allows the valuable donors of tomorrow to be carefully managed today.
  • Identify and categorize all prospects based on their potential value and interest areas, and track them as you move them through the stages of donor development.
  • Marketing communications specific to the prospecting process can be logged and managed separately.
<span style="color: #000104">Monitor and track your prospects</span>
<span style="color: #000104">Drive fundraising campaigns and manage projects</span>

Drive fundraising campaigns and manage projects

The Campaign Project Management options allow a range of campaign tools held in different parts of thankQ CRM to be brought into one place.

Campaign projects specifying source and destination codes, related mailings, and budgets can be set up and come with a set of reports to measure ROI and campaign performance.

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KPI reports that keep you in control

  • Instantly-refreshing dashboards help you keep your finger on the pulse of your entire organization's performance.
  • Pre-loaded Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports get you off to a fast start.
  • Snapshot information of key fundraising benchmarks (values, new donors, attrition, etc.) with drill-down capability is easy to use.
  • Industry-leading comparative reports help you analyze past performance, and assess the future.
<span style="color: #000104">KPI reports that keep you in control</span>
<span style="color: #000104">Comprehensive legacy management</span>

Comprehensive legacy management

Searching and selection tools allow you to identify and produce targeted communications to potential givers. Legacy tools then guide you through a workflow to manage estate gifts, including a gift's potential value, the specific elements that make it up, and a selection of accompanying information, ranging from legal restrictions to family contact details.

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Detailed features at a glance

Relationship management CRM solution for charities, higher education, healthcare, faith-based, memberships and other nonprofits.

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Executive Director, Institutional Advancement

“thankQ has allowed us to better use our time—we’re becoming much more efficient. thankQ helps us save time, staff resources, and money, allowing us to focus on strategically developing the fundraising and engagement activity of the College.”

Executive Director, Institutional Advancement - Scripps College