Relationship Management

Manage multiple relationships between individuals and organizations, including trustees, volunteers, members, donors, alumni, and many more.

<span style="color: #000104">Strong supporter, member, and alumni relationships</span>

Strong supporter, member, and alumni relationships

thankQ CRM is an online relationship management software that allows you to manage and track multiple relationships between individuals and organizations. It gives you the flexibility to communicate and market in a targeted and personalized way via a multi-channel approach including email, texts, tweets, and direct mail.

Tracking interactions and correspondence is vital for any organization in managing their relationships with their supporters. With thankQ CRM, you can track, and follow-up, based on email open rates and clicks—all from within the database, keeping all your communications in one place.

Knowing what their actions are, thankQ CRM will help you understand your target audience’s behavior and see how effective your marketing communications are. Engagement can be tracked so you can see what each individual said, what you said to them, and if they are reading what you send them.

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Key benefits for nonprofits

  • Build better relationships—see every interaction, interest, donation, event attendance, and more.
  • Reach a contact faster by being able to see ‘who knows whom’ via a relationship tree.
  • Empower non-technical users with powerful search and reporting tools.
  • Increase productivity with personalized interfaces, allowing users to see data most relevant to them.
  • Gain greater data integrity from de-duplication to audit trails that track who views and changes records.
<span style="color: #000104">Key benefits for nonprofits</span>

Detailed features at a glance

Online constituent relationship management for higher education, healthcare, faith-based, social cause, and other nonprofits

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“We can review who’s giving to what area of the College and why, instantly. We can look at donors in detail and review their affiliation with the College, efficiently and accurately.”

- Executive Director, Institutional Advancement