Volunteer Management

thankQ CRM can help your nonprofit organization better achieve its objectives and reap the full potential of your volunteers with our comprehensive volunteer database.

<span style="color: #000104">Manage your volunteers from one place</span>

Manage your volunteers from one place

thankQ CRM offers two volunteer management modules—Volunteers, and Volunteers with Recruitment.

Our Volunteers Management module is ideal for nonprofit organizations who want to record key volunteer information where the majority of volunteering activity is casual and event based.

The Volunteers with Recruitment Management module provides tools to fulfill a wide range of volunteering opportunities, from one-off or casual positions, to permanent, specialist roles requiring specific skills and qualifications.

Whether these roles are offered as a job share, attract multiple applicants, or allocate a single applicant to multiple roles, you decide how you manage volunteer recruitment—from simple volunteer invitations, to robust applications and interview processes.

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Key benefits for managing volunteers

  • Access key volunteer data instantly such as contact details, skills, availability, and reference checks.
  • See the full picture with volunteer activity reports including hours booked and achievements.
  • Broaden the reach of volunteer opportunities by publishing them to social media and your website.
  • Match the right volunteers to the right activities by easily mapping skills, availability, and proximity.
  • Invite selected volunteers to participate in opportunities and keep track of their responses.


<span style="color: #000104">Key benefits for managing volunteers</span>

Detailed features at a glance

Complete volunteer management, recruitment, and compliance recording for nonprofit organizations

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Ray Clark

"The membership management system is absolutely flawless. It's become integral to the management of our membership groups."

Ray Clark - Head of Regular Giving