Our CRM Implementation Partner: JCA

A trusted partner

thankQ USA and JCA, Inc. have partnered to create the smoothest, best-quality CRM implementation experience for nonprofit organizations. JCA is the nation’s premier nonprofit technology consultancy, with almost 30 years of experience implementing fundraising software and CRM systems.

The thankQ CRM implementation service from JCA is unlike what any CRM vendor can provide for you—JCA’s CRM consultants have deep expertise in fundraising and membership operations, data, and technology. They understand your work because they’ve done it themselves. And their familiarity with many of the standard fundraising systems means they can move you painlessly from your current software into the new thankQ CRM environment. 

JCA’s team of experts will make your experience great, so you can start leveraging the amazing benefits of thankQ CRM right away.

About JCA

For almost three decades, JCA has helped hundreds of nonprofits in North America and around the world leverage their CRM technology, processes, and data. If you're struggling with the resources to support your fundraising, membership, or ticketing strategies, JCA can help.

As the first and largest independent consulting firm dedicated solely to the technical and operational needs of nonprofits, they understand your challenges. They can help you increase revenue, optimize operations, and build lasting relationships with your target audience by improving your relationship with your technology.


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